Experience Learning that Empowers

Because your child deserves only the best education - come, discover, and let your child learn and excel at POTENT!ALS. Take advantage of our one-on-one instruction, customized programs and a mix

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Effective and Meaningful Learning

With customized tutoring programs designed to move at your child’s pace—never too fast or too slow—your child will learn to think actively and critically  while in  the process of learning.

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Welcome to POTENTIALS Tutorials and Workshops!

Because your child deserves only the best education - come… discover… and let your child learn and excel at POTENT!ALS. In today’s congested schools and classrooms, individual coaching, academic assistance and encouragement becomes impractical, difficult, if not impossible for the classroom teacher to do. The POTENT!ALS founders and the team of committed professional tutors work at helping children and adults...

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One-on-one Tutorials and Coaching

We offer flexible pre-arranged schedules to our students.  With proven expertise in teaching the various school subjects, our tutors are...

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Our Pre-School Discovery Classes

Prepare your child for the BIG SCHOOL! The POTENT!ALS Pre-school Discovery classes are  informal classes where children who are not yet...

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The POTENTIALS Advantage and Unique Approach

 The POTENTIALS Assessment

The first (and most important) step in our process is for us to identify your child’s current academic level. This gives us a starting point so we can design an appropriate program and track your child’s progress. This assessment also highlights your child’s strengths and needs, or “skill gaps.”

Individualized Programs

Once POTENTIALS has identified your child’s difficulties, our tutors create a plan for an individualized program. At POTENTIALS, we acknowledge that each student learns differently, and we customize our program to assess their unique goals and learning style.

Flexible Schedules

At POTENTIALS, we understand the need for flexibility for today’s busy families. Although our tutoring schedules are pre-arranged, they are not absolute and immovable, for as long as reasonable time is provided for adjustments.

Parent-Tutor Conference and Updates

At the start and at any point during the tutoring period, tutors make sure that they give parents and guardians feedback and updates on how the child’s performance and improvement. If it is not possible for the parents to visit us, tutors make sure they include notes and feedback on the children’s POTENTIALS notebook they bring home to their parents. We encourage parents to continually communicate with our tutors about their concerns and goals for their children.

Experienced Tutors

POTENTIALS tutorial services are being provided by teachers that are experienced and who love to learn and teach. Every POTENTIALS tutor is dedicated to achieving the individual learning needs and goals of your child.

Individual Attention

At POTENTIALS, we encourage students to ask ALL their questions. Individual attention ensures your child will have his/her questions and needs addressed quickly. Each student has both immediate access to the tutor and the opportunity to work independently. This independence boosts confidence, while personal attention from POTENTIALS’ committed and supportive tutors helps your child become prepared, knowledgeable and confident.